We are a small society of players keeping a peaceful and chilled environment within the busy and at times chaotic game we love to play. The guild was founded by and intended for Adults and Mature players.


We do exercise a duty of care for our younger members, but please be mindful and respect that we are intended and created for older players.

The majority of us are simply “noobs” but the help and knowledge shared amongst us help us thrive.


As the game develops so do we, forever maintaining our chilled, peaceful ways.


To us maturity and peacefulness come from the
heart and mind, so we are open to all people from all over the world.

Short History


High Society was first founded by Baron & Firebong on 31st December 2013, the guild made its first debut onto the top 50 guilds leaderboard when Leeelooo joined bringing her guild Omniscient Sanctum with her back in 2014 and getting in and maintaining its position in the Top 10 since 2015.

To date, ever since the introduction of guilds in Seasonal Results, High Society has been the only guild in the history of Arcane Legends to have achieved coming #1 3 times in a row, twice! Seasons 14, 15, 16, and then Seasons 22, 23, and 24 respectively.

This winning trend has continued with High Society, thus also coming #1 for seasons 19 and 20. Making it a current total of 8 seasons!


This also makes High Society in the history of Arcane Legends, to be THE ONLY GUILD with so many seasonal wins as a guild.

Our Rules



Our Rules Are Simple and Golden




Remember you are entering an environment filled with
mature chilled and peaceful people, from young teens to adults.

So any mindless spam, Profanity, Disrespect of Others, Inappropriate Talk, etc will not be tolerated.