Read below about how to join and get further up within the guild ranks, making the journey from Member to Recruiter then when the time is right for you and the rest of the guild become an Officer.


Mains Characters
30,000+ Achievement Points
100,000+ PvE Kills
level 76+
Positive PvP KDR

Hardcore Characters
Requires the Main Character to be in the guild.

Seasonal Characters
Requires the Main Character to be in the guild.
(If inactive, seasonal chars will be prone to kicking during clean-ups in the guild.)

Some exceptions can be made to the above critira by Officers only.


To become a Recruiter within High Society your character will need the following,

- Interaction with fellow members in guild.

- 30,000 + Achievement Points.
- 250,000 + PvE Kills.
- High Society Member for a minimum of 1 full season/3+ months.
- Have Discord & part of the High Society Discord Server for 3+ months.
- Inactive from game no more then 30 days


This rank can also be given via an Officers recomendation to members with great potential.


To becoming an Officer of High Society is to becoming one of the pillers within the guild that holds the roof over our heads.


There are some key points we strongly take into account for promotion.

  • Maturity

  • Good Communication

  • Emotional Inteligence + Control

  • Game Knowledge

  • Volunteer

  • Activity

  • Avoiding Drama

  • Reliablity & Communicating

  • Never Asking

A break down of each key point above can be found on the High Society Discord.

Please keep in mind no would would ever be considered for the position without first becoming a Recruiter in High Society.


"Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting." Joyce Meyer