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•One of the oldest originals around it was also thanks to her, when she joined High Society she also brought along her friends from OS which got High Society onto the Top 50 Leaderboards.
•Considered the mother of the guild.
•Leaderboard Top Player.

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Best moment in game ?

I dont know her...

My most favorite events are F2P events, that allow all Arcane Legends players to have equal opportunity against P2W players. Whether their goals are to make as much gold as they can, the opportunity to fight for the leaderboards, or to achieve what they most desire. I realize there are many events that do not cater to the F2P players, however having "free" events allow F2P players to compete on equal grounds with the "plat whores". I believe every Arcane Legends player deserves an equal chance to play the game and I also believe every player deserves to play and experience the game at its fullest on equal grounds.

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